World Habitat Day October 4,2021

When you hear Habitat for Humanity, what comes to mind first? Possibly President Jimmy Carter? Possibly building homes internationally? Or possibly you know someone right here in Manatee County that is in the Manatee Habitat Home Buyer Program?

All Habitat organizations belong to the same family and work from the same guide book and we all support the global mission! For our last fiscal year, we financially supported the global initiative with $13,500. That’s how it works; we and all other local Habitats financially support the home office, not the other way around.

I hear from a lot of people when I’m out at speaking engagements that they thought their gift to Habitat for Humanity would be shared locally. That is not the case. Globally Habitat has lots to do and the funds they raise go to the international mission. If you want to help locally, please donate to your local Habitat. We just happen to be Manatee County Habitat for Humanity and have been building and preserving homes here for over 26 years!

Please join us in celebrating all that Habitat for Humanity does, both here at home and globally!

If you are in your own home, please consider purchasing from or donating to our Restore! Funds from the Restore go to helping preserve homes for our Veterans, elderly, families and those with special needs, as well as building new homes. If you have extra time, please consider volunteering with us! Our volunteers are greatly valued and you do NOT need to know how to build to join our team! If you have a little extra this or any month, please consider making a monetary donation. Your donation of any amount will help our next family fulfill their dreams of buying a Manatee Habitat home!