National Good Neighbor Day

September 28th we celebrate National Good Neighbor Day! Never heard of it? Started in the 70’s, it became a national holiday in 2004.

There are loads of things one can do to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day!

 Go for a walk and bring a small trash bag to pick up trash along the sidewalk.
•    Use sidewalk chalk to write an inspiring message on the sidewalk in front of your home.
•    If you play a musical instrument, do a front porch concert in the evening.
•    Make a double batch of the cookies you’re baking and bring some to a neighbor.
•    Give a neighbor a book you think they would like.
•    “Pop” in on your neighbors and drop off an encouraging note and popcorn.
•    Write a letter of encouragement to a neighbor you know is having a hard time.
•    Host neighborhood chats in lawn chairs on the driveway.
•    Host a morning “donuts on the driveway” event.

Good neighbors make great neighborhoods!