Women Build 2023

Manatee Habitat is partnering with women (we welcome men to get involved as well) in the community to build a home for Ketty, a single mother, and her son, Diego. Please join us in fundraising, building, and event planning yearlong to get Ketty and her son into their home.

Women Build Homebuyer, Ketty’s Story

Ketty is a local bank teller and her son, Diego, is a 6th-grade soccer player and artist. After becoming a single mother, Ketty had no home, no credit, and was struggling to get approved for an apartment. She was staying at a family member’s home and sharing a bed with her son while she reached out to apartment complex after apartment.

But after applying to dozens of apartments, she found a generous property manager who was willing to listen to her story and overlook her lack of credit. She was finally able to secure an apartment for her and Diego.

While Ketty was grateful that they had a roof over their head, she still yearned to provide the same sense of home for Diego that he felt at his childhood house. So, when they moved in, she made sure to assure him that their new apartment was just temporary.

In 2019, Ketty began her journey to becoming a homeowner by reaching out to Manatee Habitat. Soon enough, she got accepted into the program, began her sweat equity hours and found a community to support her.

In every step of her journey at Manatee Habitat, Ketty is reinvigorated in her dream of owning a home. She has faith that the day will come when she and Diego will finally enjoy the security and stability of homeownership.

“I thank God every day that I never lost hope because that’s what lead me to Habitat,” said Ketty.

Brittany’s Testimonial Our 2017 Women Build

2017 Women Build homeowner, Brittany, joined us at our kickoff event to illustrate how the power of a Habitat home revolutionized her life and that of her children.

Our 2022 Women Build was sponsored, in part, by: