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Access Ramp enables Rose Mary to leave her house!

Manatee Habitats Critical Home Repair Team built another access ramp. Now, with a new ramp donated by Manatee Habitat, Rose Mary is able to ... continue reading

Manatee Habitat builds Affordable Homes

First Hope Landing and Next……Poling Gardens! What everyone needs are affordable homes that are affordable to live in! Manatee Habitat prides itself on the ... continue reading

Latest Critical Home Repair

Steve Reinfeldt, Rehab Program Manager, brings us up to date on what’s happening with the latest Critical Home Repair. Every Critical Home Repair is ... continue reading

Our newest Homeowner

Robin Chacon-Primous and her daughter Janaiya are Manatee Habitat’s newest homeowners! Robin and Janaiya closed on their home just when the COVID 19 hit. ... continue reading

Change Your Home Air Filter!

While it is easy to see when you need to dust or sweep your living or workspace, it is harder to know when the ... continue reading