First Home Dedication of 2021

Before we are ready for a home dedication, there too many steps to list. Being approved for the Home Buyer Program is just the beginning! Jasmine started on her sweat equity hours right away and her family was there helping every step of the way! They were her baby sitters and even volunteered sometimes too.

Our amazing volunteers need about 6 months of steady work to complete a home. They actually build the home from the foundation up, using outside contractors only when absolutely necessary. Things like the electrical wiring and plumbing must be done by licensed businesses. Future homeowners are working side by side earning the 300 sweat equity hours needed to qualify for the program.

When the house is completed and the landscaping in, there are still inspections that have to be done. A certificate of occupancy is the last step before the actual escrow signing is scheduled.

Jasmine is at the very last step of this long and complicated process. We will be updating you with photos of her actually signing the escrow papers when that happens later this month!

Congratulations Volunteers for completing home #138!

Diana Shoemaker opening the Dedication
Diana Shoemaker, Jasmine Sittig and children, Leita Kaldi
Dedication speaches
Leita Kaldi, Bob Davis, Diana Shoemaker
Leita Kaldi giving a washer and dryer donation to Jasmine Sittig