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We want you! Yes you! Well actually just two hours of your time. Anytime between February 15th and March 16th!


FROM YOUR TABLET OR LAPTOP: http://hundredxinc.com/contributewithoutcash

The Patterson Foundation in conjunction with No Margin No Mission and HundredX, has chosen Manatee Habitat to participate in a new fundraiser. CONTRIBUTE WITHOUT CASH! DONATE WITHOUT DOLLARS!

Starts February 15th and goes through March 16th. FROM YOUR CELL PHONE OR COMPUTER OR TABLET!

We are asking for everyone to participate if you possibly can BUT it is really easy!!!

Just a little of your time, maybe an hour and a half on your phone or computer, two hours at the most, filling out 75 short surveys. And you have 30 days to do the surveys!

Your participation will mean up to a $150 donation to Manatee Habitat!

Just register, fill out up to 75 surveys of your choice that will take about a minute each and you are done…..except for one other thing. Your significant others. Please think about how many in your family and friend circle would be willing or voluntold to do 50 to 75 surveys?  Each one of your friend/family who give an hour of their time will mean a $100 donation to Manatee Habitat or $150 if they do all 75.  Not a bad return for one hour or two of someone’s time!

The $ we raise will be helping us build the Terry Bibbins Family home.  Terry is an Army Veteran and we have already broken ground on his home and he is working on earning his sweat equity hours.

It costs right about $100,000 for the materials to build a home. Lets see how much we can bring in with this fundraiser? It would be fantastic to raise enough to pay for half the material cost of this Veteran home! If 338 individuals do the 75 surveys we will be hitting a home run! With your help we can do it!!!!!

You can’t register until February 15th!!!! Then go for it!!!!