Week 8 Palmetto Triangle Home

Everyone knows Manatee Habitat builds new homes. News flash, we also build environmentally friendly and green homes.  Bruce Winter, our Director of Construction, is kind enough to give us time every week to explain what our building volunteers are up to. I suggest you check out all the prior blog posts, they are really quite interesting!

The average Manatee Habitat New Home Build takes about 6 months and can be roughly divided into three segments. The first is getting the foundation, exterior walls and roof done. Then there is a time when the dry wall is being installed, the electrical goes in, plumbing is completed, all by licensed contractors as required by law. The volunteers then return and get started with the insulation, painting, floors, cabinets, appliances, and everything necessary to make the home ready to welcome the new family!

Please take a moment to watch the three short video clips with Bruce giving his usual fantastic and easy to understand updates!