Contribute without Cash Fundraiser Veteran Build

You can help raise the funds necessary to build a Veteran’s Home by providing feedback on companies you know & love. It’s easy AND All without giving a credit card number.

You can text CONTRIBUTE2021 to 31996 or go to and get involved.

Enter name/phone/email/age group/sex and after you have received the confirmation link please select MANATEE HABITAT from the drop-down menu.

Use a smartphone, computer, or even tablet to answer quick surveys about companies you select. Each survey you complete adds $2 to our efforts. Survey up to 75 companies (max of 50 per day) between now and March 16th and raise $150 to help build our VETERAN HOME!

Your contact information is SECURE and will NOT be shared with any company.
PLEASE SHARE the links with family and friends to maximize your impact.
You pick the companies you wish to survey. Each survey takes around one short minute!