Carmen Prado

Congratulation to Carmen Prado for completing our Home Buyer Program! Carmen closed on her home November 19th! Just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations! That means Carmen’s kids, Melquisedec 16, Neyely 14, and Elijah 8, will get their wish of having Thanksgiving in their own forever home!

The boys will be sharing a room and Neyely will get the smaller of the two kids rooms. No arguing at all about who gets what room, they are just so happy to be moving into their own home! All three have loads of decorating ideas for their rooms and the rest of the house too!

Carmen says the entire experience is surreal and loves seeing her children so happy! Finally having something to call their own is making 2021 the best year for the Prado family EVER!

Affordable Housing is desperately needed! Every family deserves a place to call home!

Carmen signing the home papers.
Sheryl Boddy and Carmen Prado