Meet Kerry Collins

We are pleased to introduce you to Kerry Collins, our Director of Finance and Administration.  Kerry came to Manatee Habitat and the Bradenton area about 4 years ago from Louisiana. Think New Orleans and great southern dishes!

When we asked Kerry his favorite Christmas dish, rice stuffing he said with a wink, something his mom made better than anyone! All-time favorite Christmas Gift?  A Basset Hound Puppy! That would be our favorite too given the same circumstances.

Kerry is our only staff member who………

Lives on a sailboat.  Why? So, He can go sailing any time he wants! We asked Kerry how big ; his answer “not big enough, but what boat is”.  Does he really take it out? Oh “Yes when it is not too crowded. The Manatee River can sometimes look like Hwy 64 at rush hour.” So, what is Kerry’s favorite thing about boat life? “Being on the water!”

Kerry’s favorite thing about being on the Manatee Habitat team? “The staff, the volunteers, the homeowners.”