Meet the Luna Family

Meet Tomacita Luna who purchased her Manatee Habitat home a little over a year ago. Three years ago, when Tomacita officially entered the program she said “To own my own home would be a dream come true” and today she is living her dream! 

Tomacita’s road to home ownership started 8 years ago when she found herself suddenly, a single mother without a clue about finances, with a terrible credit rating, and a car about ready to be repossessed. She passed the Manatee Habitat Depot daily on her way to work and decided to stop in and find out what we were all about. After meeting with the Director of Community Programs, she decided God had opened a door and she was going to do everything necessary to walk through it!

Fast forward five years and Tomacita was still the Administrative Secretary to the principal of Ballard Elementary School, still a single mom, but she had diligently worked to get her past due bills paid and her credit score up to average. That meant she was eligible to enter the Manatee Habitat Homeowners Program. She credits the 9 week Financial Literacy Course she was required to take as the best thing that ever happened to her!  Today she shares the information she learned with other newly single mothers who have never been taught how to budget and save.

Tomacita and her son Danny love knowing they never have to move again, that Danny can continue on playing football and wrestling on the same high school team until he graduates next year! They are eternally grateful to all the volunteers who gave their time to help build their home!  Tomacita is especially grateful to her many friends who came out and helped her complete her 300 sweat equity hours!

Together Tomacita and Danny are truly living their dream thanks to volunteers and donors who believe in Manatee Habitat’s mission of safe affordable housing for everyone.