Meet the Harris Family

Back in 2106 Markisha’s mother brought up the idea of her becoming a Manatee Habitat Homeowner. It took two years on the waiting list for Markisha to become part of the Home Buyer Program and another two years to complete the Financial Literacy Class, save up the reserve funds and complete 300 hours of volunteer sweat equity before purchasing her home. In the meantime, Markisha’s two children were joined by a baby brother.

The first night in their new home was filled with laughter and great food; BBQ Chicken, rice, green beans and blueberry cornbread welcomed everyone to the coffee table.  Markisha is still without a dining area table but she says that’s OK. Now that the Harris Family is in their own home, everything will get done a little at a time.

Everyone is having fun decorating their rooms and Jermaine is getting to be quite the landscaper when he is done with his homework! Markisha is still in contact with some of the volunteers who worked on her home and said they will remain friends forever!  Markisha’s volunteer times also taught her about home maintenance and she feels confident in her ability to keep her home in perfect condition!

Today Markisha’s house payment and taxes are less than she was paying monthly for rent so her savings account is growing, and they can plan for a family vacation one day! Becoming a Manatee Habitat Homeowner has truly changed this family forever!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and November hosting National Family Week we though you might like to have one of the Harris Family Favorite recipes!

Baked Mac & Cheese the Harris Family Favorite Way!

      1 Box Elbow Noodles 1 Block Velveeta Cheese   1 1/3 C Evaporated Milk             1 bag Monterey Jack shredded cheese     1 bag sharp cheddar shredded cheese             2 Tbsp Butter   2 Tsp each salt & pepper       2 Tbsp Flour Pre heat oven to 375, bake 15 minutes covered with foil the 25 minutes uncovered    Serve and enjoy!