LaShawn’te, Victoria, Isaac Amir, and Isabella

LaShawn’te, a mother of four, has worked in early childhood education for 25 years. Her passion for working with children began in college when she started babysitting for other students on her campus. In addition to her full-time job, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She then plans to earn a master’s degree in educational leadership which will give her the tools she needs to become an educational consultant.

Originally from Alabama, LaShawn’te lived in Germany and Georgia before finally deciding to set her roots down in Manatee County in 2019. Currently, she lives with three of her children, Victoria, Isaac Amir, and Isabella in a rental home. While she enjoys her house, she can no longer afford to keep leasing it out. Her rent has increased every year since they moved in.

“The rent is astronomical,” said LaShawn’te. “I’m paying for something that is never going to be mine”

Having a home has been on LaShawn’te’s list of goals that she created when she moved to Manatee County. She first reached out to Manatee Habitat in 2020, and in 2021, she got approved for the homeownership program. “That was a wonderful day for me because it meant that I would be working toward something that would be my own and that I could give to my children to legacy build,” said LaShawn’te.

LaShawn’te, Victoria, Isaac Amir, and Isabella will move into their 3-bedroom 2-bathroom home in our Palmetto Triangle community in the Summer of 2023.