Johntrice, Promise, and Rylain

Special needs teacher, Johntrice, her 8-year-old daughter, Promise, and her 2-year-old son, Rylain, will be moving into a Rehabbed Habitat home in early 2023!

Since leaving her childhood home, Johntrice has moved every one or two years due to sub-standard housing conditions. “I’ve been hopping from one place to another in hopes that I’ll find somewhere that feels like home to me and my kids,” she said.  

While pregnant with Rylain, she was forced to move out of their rental home; a termite infestation was causing the floor to cave in, making it too dangerous to live there. Then, shortly after settling into her current apartment, she discovered mold in the bathroom and Promise’s bedroom. Despite Johntrice’s requests, her landlords have been unresponsive to the infestation so Promise shares a bedroom with her brother.

For Johntrice and her children, a Habitat home will bring peace and safety. Having a yard will give Rylain and Promise a safe place to play. Right now, they ride their bikes inside to avoid the speeding dirt bikes and cars in their neighborhood. Plus, without the mold hazard, Promise will be able to decorate and enjoy her own bedroom again.

“Being able to walk into a home and see the expression on my kid’s faces will be breathtaking,” said Johntrice. “Knowing that this is a place we can call home for the long run will put me and my kids at ease.”