Home Tour with Manatee Community Foundation

We love sharing how we build our homes and the changes that happen in a family when they become Manatee Habitat homeowners. So we were especially happy to host the Manatee Community Foundation for a donor tour of our newly completed Veteran Home.

Terry Bibbins, our Army Veteran, is just weeks away from the final closing of his new home. So it was the perfect time to invite the Manatee Community Foundation donors for a home tour and light breakfast. We couldn’t have had better weather as the tour started off outside the home with Alicia Chalmers, Manager of Donor Engagement for the Manatee Community Foundation, welcoming everyone. After hearing Diana Shoemaker, CEO of Manatee Habitat give an update on our agenda moving forward, everyone broke into small groups for different sections of the tour.

Sheryl Boddy, Director of Community Programs, gave a wonderful explanation of just what is required to be accepted into the Home Buyer Program and what steps families need to complete before being able to purchase a Habitat Home for a 0% interest loan. KC Quaretti, Marketing Director, shared the steps to building a Manatee Habitat home and all of the special things the organizations does to make sure the homes are green and affordable to live in. Emily Lane talked about our graduate homeowners and how their lives have changed for the better since becoming Manatee Habitat Homeowners.

The Manatee Community Foundation has been a supporter of Manatee Habitat for years and their ongoing educational and financial support are important to helping hardworking families in our community. Thank you Manatee Community Foundation for all you do for our community!