Giving Challenge What YOUR 2020 Donations Accomplished

It is with great appreciation of your 2020 Giving Challenge Donations that we announce our participation in The Sarasota Community Foundation’s 2022 Giving Challenge!

Your 2020 Giving Challenge Donations have been hard at work helping our Veterans and hard working local families! We are just weeks away from Army Veteran Terry Bibbins, moving into our latest Veteran Build that the 2020 Giving Challenge helped fund. The Our Next Mission/Manatee Habitat Rehab Team is working on manufactured home rehab number 5, which will secure another Veteran with a safe affordable home to live in for as long as he is able. He will join four other Veterans who are currently living in completely refurbished manufactured homes.

All one has to do is chat a moment with any of the veterans who have gone from being housing insecure to being in permanent, safe, affordable homes to know that YOUR donations have changed people lives in an amazing way. The dream of knowing that they don’t have to wonder if they will be sleeping rough some night soon has come true for the initial four and there will be more to come!

When a fully vetted veteran is given possession of a #HabitatForHeroes manufactured home, it is with the understanding that the home is his/hers to live in, but when, in the fullness of time, the veteran is no longer able to live in and maintain the home, it will revert back to Manatee Habitat for another veteran to live in.

Please take a moment and watch for yourself just how much your donations dollars have accomplished! #TheSarasotaCommunityFoundation #GivingChallenge2022 #BeTheOne

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#GivingChallenge2022 #BeTheOne