Habitat for Heroes

The sun was smiling down on everyone attending the latest home dedication from Habitat-for-Heroes. This is our partnership with Our Next Mission, a local Veteran run non-profit organization. ONM and Manatee Habitat are dedicated to helping at-risk veterans secure safe, permanent and affordable homes.

We work together to rehab existing manufactured homes. Rehab meaning the entire interior is stripped down to the studs. Plumbing and wiring is updated and the interior is rebuilt. New bathrooms and new kitchens are included in the rehab. The exterior is either painted or the siding replaced also.When finished the manufactured home is almost new and ready to be turned over to a veteran at risk on homelessness no longer.

Mr. Easterbrook served his country for three terms in Vietnam with his wife supporting him the entire time. They were in desperate need of affordable housing that is safe for him in his elder years. Manatee Habitat and Our Next Mission, through the Habitat for Heroes division, have made sure he will be able to live out his life in comfortable surroundings.

At every home dedication Lorenzo Liberti presents a wooden flag wall hanging which he makes by hand. This gesture from a local high school student often brings tears to the recipient’s eyes and the well wishers also!

Please enjoy the photos from the happy home dedication held in April!