Access Ramp enables Rose Mary to leave her house!

Manatee Habitats Critical Home Repair Team built another access ramp. Now, with a new ramp donated by Manatee Habitat, Rose Mary is able to leave her home. For the first time in months she is free!

Suddenly needing a walker for stability is complicated enough without the added problem of steps! Rose Mary Winkler found herself housebound because she couldn’t maneuver the stairs off her front porch.

Manatee Habitat Rehab Program Manger, Steve Reinfeldt and his crew stepped in to say the day! Thanks Bud Rives for being a great volunteer! You really helped get the job done!

Manatee Habitat completes over 25 Critical Home Repairs every year and has dozens of families waiting in line for help! Sometimes its roofing, sometimes its access like Rose Marys case and sometimes is a number of things that are actually putting a family’s lives in jeopardy!

Listen to Rose Mary tell us in her own word just what this access ramp means!