A Summer of Gratitude for Our Volunteers 

September 23rd was the last day of summer and with record-high temperatures this year, we wanted to thank our volunteers for their hard work throughout these scorching months. The relentless heat of this year did nothing to deter their spirit; they were the beating heart of progress on our construction site.

On September 28th we held a BBQ at Poling Gardens to thank them for all of their hard work. A few hot dogs, hamburgers, and some amazing desserts were the least we could do to express our heartfelt appreciation.

Poling Gardens, our ambitious 16-home community, began the summer as a canvas of infrastructure. But three months later, thanks to the indomitable spirit of our volunteers, we now have three homes under construction. Foundations for the fourth and fifth homes will soon be poured, a testament to the remarkable progress we’ve achieved.

Thank you, dear volunteers, for a summer of dedication, perseverance, and the invaluable gift of your time and effort. Together, we are building not just houses, but homes filled with love, hope, and endless possibilities.