Why We Build

Because Millard Fuller’s words still ring true today: “A house is to a family what soil is to a plant. A plant needs to be rooted. A family is like that. If a family is not rooted, it will not flourish. But once a family is well-rooted, all kinds of wonderful things will begin to happen.”

Because nowhere in the U.S. will a full-time minimum wage job pay for a median one-bedroom apartment.

Because students from low-income families who change schools frequently are at risk of lower math scores and can be overall more likely to drop out.

 Because children who live in homes with leaking roofs, broken windows, rodents, nonfunctioning heaters or stoves, peeling paint, exposed wiring, or unsafe or unclean environments often experience greater emotional and behavioral problems.

Because ensuring homeownership for women provides far-reaching benefits for entire communities.

Because, according to a survey of more than 400 Habitat Metro Denver families, children raised in a Habitat home are twice as likely to go to college compared to the local average for similar demographic and economic groups.