Volunteer Appreciation 2020

Think BBQ Picnic Dinner at the beach or a wonderful catered Continental Cuisine Dinner…..that’s our usual Volunteer Appreciation Event; filled with lots of great friends, awards, laughs and good food! Most of all it’s our chance to say THANK YOU to our amazing team of volunteers! Without them, we could not move forward with our mission of safe affordable homes for everyone!

So, as you all know, 2020 has turned out to be more than a bit unusual, and because our volunteers’ health and safety come first, an online Zoom get together, was as close as we could get to everyone sitting at the same table!

It was great fun getting Diana Shoemaker, our CEO in front of the camera to introduce the event. She is such a good sport, and her new nick name is “One Take Diana”! Roger Arnholt, Manatee Habitat’s Board President is out of town but luckily Roger’s a great sport and with today’s phones, it’s easy to do a short video from just about anywhere! As always, Bruce Winter, our Director of Construction, jumped right in, with loads to say about the amazing volunteers he knows so well. Not only does he build green, energy efficient homes, he’s completely at ease in front of the camera! Barb Slater, our Volunteer Program Coordinator, is the voice you hear introducing the Presidential Service Awards. Barb knows every one of our volunteers and you can tell by the smile in her voice, she adores them all!

Sit back and and enjoy our Volunteer Appreciation 2020 Event!

Congratulations to each and every volunteer for your amazing efforts on behalf of our future homeowners! With YOU there would be no Manatee Habitat!