Thank you Winnebago for the $5000 Grant

We will be using this money to get us started on our Showcase One Bedroom, One bathroom Home! This will be the first one/one Manatee Habitat has ever built.

Why change home plans after 27 years? Well, there is a need for starter homes and downsize homes. Not all of our future home buyers want or need a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. So Bruce, our Director of Construction has organized building a green one bedroom, one bathroom home that is perfect for Blonetha’s needs and desires as she slides into retirement.

We are breaking ground on now Blonetha’s home and are working to complete the fundraising necessary to purchase the building supplies. Our amazing volunteers are at the ready to start with the foundation but we do need to secure the finances before we move forward! If you would like to donate to Blonetha’s home or your business would like to secure a sponsorship and join the likes of Winnebago, we would love your support!

After spending her working life in the library system, helping our little ones learn all about books, Blonetha will be so happy to finally have a home of her own.