Our Secret Weapon

Ever wonder what it takes to keep the Manatee Habitat office running smoothly? It takes an Angel: someone that is calm under pressure, super organized and has a world class sense of humor!

Angel is the bookkeeping glue that keeps us organized! Imagine having to keep track of all our different parts! Construction of new homes, critical repairs on existing homes,  Restore sales, Restore purchases, donations, administration bills, and very important …. Employee paychecks! AND she does it all with a smile!

But then again how could we expect less from someone whose mother ran away with the circus? Is this true you ask?  “In 1961 she joined the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus in Liverpool England. In 1962/1963 she came to America as part of a troupe that debuted their act in New York City. The circus wintered in Sarasota; the rest is history.”

Angel has raised her kids Tommy, Jessica and Josh, and is now dotting on her 7 year old grandson Joseph while waiting for two more grandbabies to arrive this March! Her family life also centers around husband Robert and their 4 rescue dogs and 1 feral cat! When not taking care of Manatee Habitat or her family, Angel can be found growing veggies, tending her pond creatures, boating, camping, fishing and on the Harley with Robert exploring Florida’s back roads!

Aren’t we lucky to have our very own Angel!!!!!

Angel Muldauer