Newest Homeowner Program Participant

Becoming a widow at 30 is right up there on life’s list of most difficult things. Add 4, yes, four children under the age of 14 and you have multiplied that difficulty factor by 10. Please don’t think Stephanie Rios ever feels sorry for herself!

When talking about her children it’s all roses and pride! Aaliyah, her 14 year old Palmetto high school student can’t decide which passion is strongest; culinary arts or special needs teaching. Both excellent career paths and just possibly, there will be time to do both. Jazelle is 12 and a musical theatre student at Manatee School for the arts. Theatre runs in the family’s blood and 10 year old daughter Jazzmyn is set on becoming the next big TikTok star, under her mom’s supervision of course! Randal Jr., RJ for short, is an energetic and musical 2 year old who loves the Lion King and balls! Seems the entire family loves the Disney Channel and their favorite show? Hamilton! We are told they all know the songs by heart! Maybe one day we can get the entire family to perform for us?

During Stephanie’s spare time she relaxes by cooking Puerto Rican and Mexican food. With 4 kids to feed, it’s a handy way to relax and feed the family at the same time! Stephanie is dreaming of the day she has her own kitchen and can expand her kitchen expertise. Crafting with the kids and clothing design are also creative outlets for this busy mom of 4!Right now Stephanie’s mother and two brothers are also living in their mother’s 3 bedroom house. Eight in the house leaves no room for privacy and Stephanie believes her children will thrive in a forever home of their own where grandma and the uncles can visit whenever they want!

Stephanie is thrilled to have been accepted into Manatee Habitat’s Home Buyer Program and can’t wait to start earning her sweat equity hours.

Stephanie Rios and children