A lot of our homeowners are in the process of a good Spring/Summer Cleaning. This got us thinking about ways to get more organized once everything is cleaned out! So we turned to Habitat Homeowners all over the country to see what tips they could share!

John V from Chicago gave this great tip! “Create a binder to track home expenses and homeowner to-do projects. Put a project a month on the calendar. Ex: Change furnace filter and smoke alarm batteries. At year end you’ll have expense receipts in one place and can easily reevaluate your budget for next year.”

Edward S from Indiana shared this gem! “Start a filing system to keep all receipts, tax information, proof and date of
purchases for your house and other pertinent data. You will save yourself an immense amount of trouble and angst in
the years to come!”

Linda M from right here in Florida has this gardening tip: “Recycle your garden scraps into a compost bin. Over time, the good compost will become a welcome addition to your garden soil.”

VJ wanted to share this tip: “Plant native perennial flowers to reduce water consumption and avoid chemicals
on lawns, reduce mowing, etc. Planting shrubs, bushes and trees helps save on utility bills and attracts wildlife in the form of birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.”

We love this GREEN tip from Bruce in WV! “If you have a small yard, mow it with a reel mower. No motor, no gas, no noise, and they’re comparatively inexpensive. Plus you get some exercise.”