Dreams CAN Come True

Ariyanna and Ja’sai have been living the dream for the past 11 months. That’s how long it has been since their mom Jasmine, completed our home buyer program and purchased her home. When she entered the program, Jasmine was working two jobs, and raising two children, while completing her 300 sweat equity hours. The first in her family to own a home, nothing was going to keep her from creating a better life for her children and homeownership was first on her list.Since moving into their home, Jasmine says the kids are now able to play safely outside in their own back yard, something they could never do before! Ariyanna and Ja’sai are happier, better behaved, doing well in school, and thriving.Other great news is that Jasmine has been able to secure a wonderful new job in the front office of a medical practice, which she loves. Now there is no longer a need to work two jobs just to pay the bills. That means she is able to spend more time with Ja’sai and Ariyanna. A dream come true for any young mom.Dreams can come true, as you can see by the drawings Ariyanna and Ja’sai made of their dream home!
FYI children of homeowners are 19% more likely to graduate high school, are twice as likely to acquire post secondary education and are more likely to become homeowners themselves when adults.