Diego’s Dream

Diego is an amazing fifth grader who is anxiously waiting for his dream to come true!  Is Diego dreaming of a PlayStation, a new bike or something else for himself? Nope, his dreams are not for himself but instead he is dreaming of a home of their own so he and him mom never have to move again.

Diego’s story is, sadly, not unusual.  Many of the kids whose parents are in our home buyer program, are mature beyond their years. While its wonderful to be around these kids, you must realize that their entire lives are affected by the hardships their hard-working parents are dealing with.

It comes as no great surprise that children of homeowners are 19% more likely to graduate high school and twice as likely to go on to further education or training! Additionally, children of homeowners more often become homeowners themselves.

On the day this photo was taken Diego had just won two medals for track at the boys and girls club. Yet, he was more than willing to take time out of celebrating to give me a full explanation of the pictures he drew! He is very much into Japanese art and his drawing reflect that.  Simplicity, color, and structure are the foundation of each drawing.  What a joy it was to listen to his well thought out explanation!

Building the foundation of a family’s future is what we work toward every day.  We would love to have you travel this journey along with us! From volunteering, to donating there are any number of ways to help!

Diego’s Dream