Critical Home Repairs help older people age in place!

The best aspect of our critical home repair program is that it allows the homeowner to continue to live in their own homes. Installation of new exterior doors and windows, upgraded bathrooms with easy access showers and grab bars, comfort height toilets, and new roofs provide a safe and secure environment not only from crime and natural disasters such as tropical storms and hurricanes, but also COVID-19. Our elderly residents are much safer and secure when they can stay in their homes and not have to venture out into the public to find a safe and secure environment.

For 10 years Manatee Habitat has been doing Critical Home Repairs and on average completes 25 Critical Home Repairs annually. We have three teams of volunteers that are dedicated to doing the Critical Home Repairs! These volunteers perform an amazing service to the community every day they come to work!

You can tell by the happy faces, these accessibility ramps change lives!
Accessibility Ramps are needed most often right now.
Due to the Covid 19 crisis our volunteers are working only on exterior projects.
It may be 90 degrees outside but the work continues!
Our Volunteers have built portable hand washing stations to keep everyone safe!