Our Next Mission Completes Veteran Rehab

Manatee Habitat has partnered with “Our Next Mission” on a number of projects. But this has been one of the most exciting. Watching the mobile home have a complete makeover so a veteran can live close to his family and spend time with his grandchildren in a safe, affordable, secure home is extraordinary!

Our Next Mission led the charge and with help from Manatee Habitat took the mobile home down the studs. They replaced wiring, walls, doors, the entire bathroom and an entire kitchen. A lot of the kitchen was donated by our Restore! They painted, they replaced the sub flooring and then the flooring, what they did was actually create a new mobile home!

Richard and his daughter, Bob Feller from Our Next Mission and Diana Shoemaker CEO Manatee Habitat
Kitchen before the rehab
The finished kitchen!

If you would like information on Our Next Mission visit their web site: https://ournextmission.org/

If you would like information on volunteering with Manatee Habitat please contact Barb Slater at bslater@manateehabitat.org

Our Next Mission volunteers and Richard the Veteran!