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Student Programs

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Program Info

Young people have always inspired us to make our world a better place through their energy, idealism, and creativity. That enthusiasm, paired with tangible service and acts of kindness, is exactly what we need to ignite positive change in our communities.  Manatee Habitat's Youth Programs are about transforming inspiration into action, providing meaningful opportunities for young people to positively impact their local community every day.

Benefits of Volunteering

Giving our time and effort to help others can feel wonderful. We sometimes even get to see the immediate impact of our work! Volunteering with Habitat means we can enjoy the smiles of the people we help and work beside, making new friends and building stronger communities as we go. While each of those seems like reason enough to volunteer, there are additional benefits to giving your time:

  • Become involved in the strengthening of your own neighborhoods and communities.
  • Participate in meaningful work resulting in a sense of accomplishment. Get your service hours for school
  • Make new friends and have FUN!

Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know you don't need to lift a hammer to help Habitat? Our youth volunteers provide much needed support for Manatee Habitat in many different ways:

Habitat ReStore: Every purchase made at the ReStore goes towards our important work in the community. Our student volunteers (ages 13 and up) at the ReStore help us with organizing merchandise, accepting incoming donations, and helping customers find what they need. Every day is a new adventure at the ReStore!  The ReStore is open Mon-Sat, 9am - 7pm. 

Brush With Kindness: A Brush with Kindness helps current homeowners in the community, often seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, maintain safe and secure homes. Kids 14 and up are eligible to volunteer at our Brush with Kindness project sites with painting and gardening.

Helping Hands for Habitat: Helping Hands for Habitat is an opportunity for students to help raise funds and donations to help us build more affordable housing in our community. Students recruit sponsors to pledge donations for time spent doing volunteer activities at the ReStore or on the build site.

Service Learning

Service-learning is a great way to enrich learning by engaging students in meaningful service to their schools and communities. Our outreach team will work with students on applying their academic skills to solving real-world issues, linking established learning objectives with genuine needs. Students lead the process, with our staff as partners, applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to concerns such as hunger, pollution, and diversity.

Lessons relating to poverty housing, homelessness and affordable home ownership can be developed for almost any age group or subject matter:

  • Elementary School: focus on the concepts of community, home, and homelessness
  • Middle School: discuss poverty and the factors that can contribute to poverty
  • High School: look at historical, governmental and economic factors of homelessness and home ownership

Likewise, Habitat can be incorporated with almost any subject area, such as math, art, social studies, English, science, shop, government or home economics – just to name a few. And while Habitat is most often associated with building, there are plenty of other ways for students to contribute, such as advocacy, fundraising, and helping homeowner families.


To learn more about our Youth Programs and how you can help, please contact Crystal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.