Help Stephanie build a new home

Together, we build dreams. And with your support, we can turn Stephanie’s dream into a beautiful reality, thanks to a $50,000 matching challenge from Bradenton Kiwanis.

After being widowed just two years ago, Stephanie is now raising her four children by herself. Currently, they live in an overcrowded four-bed, two-bath house with her mother and two brothers.

Their family is close and supportive, but Stephanie longs for privacy and space to do her crafts, “I’m a big crafter,” she says. But more importantly, she dreams of a better situation for her children, who would love to have a yard to play in and bedrooms of their own. Asked why she wants a house, Stephanie says, “Because I want to move my life forward. My family—my children—deserve a home!”

Soon, Stephanie and her family will have a home of their own, thanks to Manatee County Habitat for Humanity. “I heard about Habitat for Humanity from my mom,” says Stephanie. “She told me, and I called right away.” As the COVID pandemic lingered, “Everything was getting so expensive, and I knew I couldn’t afford a house on my own.” Fortunately, Manatee Habitat was able to qualify her as a future Habitat Home Buyer.

Over the coming months, Stephanie will work hard for her home. She will take courses in personal finance and homeownership, complete 300 hours of “sweat equity,” and contribute $2000 towards her closing costs. Soon, Stephanie and her children will be able to close on a brand-new affordable home with a zero percent Habitat mortgage.

This “hand up, not a hand out” will be possible only with your help!

Bradenton Kiwanis is challenging you to match their $50,000 donation towards Stephanie’s house. Your contribution will help us meet their challenge and bring us closer to giving those children a yard and bedrooms of their own!

Please support Manatee County Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build our community through affordable homeownership. The need is more crucial than ever!

To learn more contact Emily Lane, 941-748-9100 ext. 109 or, with questions.