A Habitat Home made everything better

At Manatee County Habitat for Humanity, we build better: better lives, better futures, better communities. And right now, your gift by December 31 will help us meet a $48,000 challenge from a group of generous Manatee Habitat supporters.

PLUS, we have a special opportunity this year. Thanks to the generosity of The Lewis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust, you can double your online gift up to $500! Here’s how:

  • Visit FlanzerTrust.org and click on DONATE NOW
  • Fill out your contact information and select Manatee Habitat as the recipient
  • Choose a donation amount of up to $500 and enter your debit or credit card information
  • Within days, we’ll receive a check for twice the amount of your gift!

Your donation supports people like Brittany and her three daughters, who were living in one cramped bedroom: one queen bed for four, three plastic dressers crammed into the closet, and six more people sharing a three-bedroom house. Working on her AA degree, Brittany had to deal with tussles over toys and other interruptions while trying to study, and school and two jobs left her exhausted, with little time for the girls that were the center of her world.

Then she found Manatee Habitat. Though people told her she’d never qualify, she applied. When she was accepted, she knew there was a lot of work ahead. And she also knew she could do it – had to do it for her daughters.

She sweated through hundreds of hours volunteering on Habitat Home builds, improved her credit and started saving, and worked through financial and homeowner classes. And when she closed on the home that she and her girls now share, everything changed.

Brittany knew her oldest daughter was struggling in school, but when the savings from her zero-percent Habitat mortgage allowed her to quit the second job, she finally had time to help with homework – and discovered her daughter’s learning disability.

“I felt so guilty that I hadn’t noticed before. But before we moved into our Habitat house, I had so little time to spend with them and no privacy to really see.” Brittany went to the school and got help for her daughter, who was reading well below grade level and struggling in other classes.

She also found the time and money to do other things with her children. They shared love and laughter and fun times together, even a long weekend trip to Washington, D.C., their first-ever family vacation and a joyful learning opportunity for them all. Brittany’s hard work has paid off.

Today, thanks to the time gained when Brittany no longer had to work two jobs, her daughter is reading at grade level, and her performance in school is improved across the board. The younger girls love their spacious, energy-efficient house, and this amazing mom has a quiet place to study as she finishes her Bachelor’s degree. Brittany has been promoted at work, is earning equity and has a savings account, and is excited about the future for her family. They’re looking forward to an amazing Christmas in their Manatee Habitat Home.

You helped us build their success with your support. And you can help other homeowners find the hope and promise that owning a Manatee Habitat Home brings.

Because together, we build futures and financial stability. Together we build hope. Together, we build home.

Please make your gift to Manatee Habitat today so others like Brittany and her daughters can survive, thrive, and build successful new lives. Help us meet our $48,000 challenge and double any online gift up to $500 on FlanzerTrust.org.

Please consider joining our new donor society, Manatee Habitat HopeBuilders, with a gift of $1,000 or more ($84 per month). It’s a fabulous way to make a lasting impact on the lives of dozens of Habitat Homeowners. To learn more, contact Emily Lane, (941) 748-9100 ext. 109 or email elane@ManateeHabitat.org.

The Five Best Ways to Support Manatee Habitat

  1. DOUBLE YOUR GIFT of up to $500 through December 31 by giving at FlanzerTrust.org. Make sure you select Manatee County Habitat for Humanity to receive your donation.
  2. Donate from your IRA: Direct the holder of your IRA to send it to Manatee Habitat, and you will pay no income tax on the gift. Contact Emily Lane (see below) for details.
  3. Donate cars, boats, stock and even real estate: contact Emily Lane (see below) for information.
  4. Join our Manatee Habitat Builders to make a bigger impact through monthly giving. Just select monthly giving when you donate.
  5. Become a Manatee Habitat HopeBuilder with an annual donation of $1,000 or more ($84 per month).

Questions? Call Emily Lane, (941) 748-9100 ext. 109 or email elane@ManateeHabitat.org.