The Vazquez Family

Yvette is a single mom who started working at the age of 12 by helping her mother who always made sure there was food on the table and a roof over their heads. Yvette brings this same strength to caring for her own son Jose, who is wheelchair bound with Cerebral Palsy. Yvette says “Providing him with a stable home so he doesn’t have to worry is very important to me. Jose is my world and he’s my reason to keep moving forward. God says he doesn’t give us more than we can handle so everyday I’m grateful to wake up and look forward to seeing my son smile.”

Having her own home would mean the world to her! Just knowing she has a stable and secure place to come home to with enough room for her son to move around in his wheelchair makes both mom and son super excited.

Yvette loves the idea of being able to volunteer on her own and other’s homes on the weekends. She is already grateful for the help she has received this far in the program, and look forward to moving the family cookouts to her own yard one day!

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