The Edwards Family

Manatee Habitat is happy to introduce you the Edwards family. Shana is a hard-working single mom to 3 boys and a girl. Shane is 20, and is interested in becoming an EMT, Eden is 4, twin boys Ethan and Elijah are 2 1/2, they haven’t quite decided career paths just yet.

Weekdays you will find Shana hard at work with the Burn & Reconstructive Centers of America. She will be celebrating her 3″ anniversary with them very soon. Weekends she prefers to spend with her family and children visiting the local beaches, county, and state parks. An avid outdoor family, they love the beach and trail hikes. Shana considers herself fortunate that she has both family locally, mom, dad and sister, and a tribe of close friends, like-minded mothers, wives, and female entrepreneurs that share their knowledge, wisdom, and strength

This Detroit native has been a Manatee County resident since 2004 and has no plans of ever leaving. Having her “own home here in Manatee County would be a source of stability and safety for myself and my family. I am excited to have a yard my children can play in and where I can plant flowers, have a garden and barbeque!

Having volunteered with Habitat back in Detroit, Shana is excited to get started earning her own sweat equity hours “I think it’s an awesome idea to have volunteers build your home. It shows that people actually care and are
willing to give back time, energy and possibly resources to their community.”

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