Mom Jasmine, daughter Ari’yanna and son Ja’sai are super excited to have been chosen as Manatee Habitat’s Essential Front Line Worker Family!

Jasmine has worked in the medical field as an admission coordinator for Operation Par and as a Unit Clerk for Centerstone helping substance abuse patients. She believes in helping people and enjoys working with the medical community. In fact, she is planning on completing her education in the field of nursing.  Jasmine believes having the stability of purchasing a Manatee Habitat home will facilitate that dream.

Jasmine has begun recently working in furniture restoration.  This DIY hobby began by watching YouTube videos and will certainly come in handy when the Sittigs complete the home buyer program. The kids enjoy Mom’s favorite hobby of cooking with them and having a family movie night once a week! Ja’sai is looking forward to having a yard to play in and Ari’yanna is super excited to have a room of her own for the first time.

Jasmine is an only child, born right here in Manatee County.  Jasmine has remained here in Manatee her entire life and will be her extended family’s first ever homeowner. Excited about being able to purchase her own home goes right along with her enthusiasm at the prospect of helping to build her and maybe someone else’s home too!