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What We Build

We build new homes that are durable and healthy, for the lowest possible cost. We focus on energy efficiency and other sustainable building techniques and materials. ... continue reading

How We Build

Future Manatee Habitat homeowners are selected locally, with the criteria centering on their need for decent housing, their ability to repay an affordable mortgage ... continue reading

Why We Build

Because Millard Fuller’s words still ring true today: “A house is to a family what soil is to a plant. A plant needs to be ... continue reading

Old Clunker

Your old clunker may seem like a rather odd donation but we want you to know it’s a GREAT donation! All you need to ... continue reading

Thank you to the Rowlett Family Endowment

Thank you to the Rowlett Family Endowment Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation for your continued financial support of Manatee Habitat. We are thankful ... continue reading

Mormor’s Cardamom Bread

It may seem a little out of place to have a bread recipe on a Habitat for Humanity web site but every year we ... continue reading

Carmen Prado

Congratulation to Carmen Prado for completing our Home Buyer Program! Carmen closed on her home November 19th! Just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations! That ... continue reading

Meet Kerry Collins

We are pleased to introduce you to Kerry Collins, our Director of Finance and Administration.  Kerry came to Manatee Habitat and the Bradenton area ... continue reading

Our Next Mission Celebrates Veterans!

November 11th is Veterans Day and if you haven’t decided upon how to celebrate our American Heroes, think about attending this great event! You ... continue reading

Critical Home Repair Program

Everyone thinks of Habitat for Humanity as builders of Affordable Housing for hard working families.  There are other important aspects to Manatee Habitat’s mission; ... continue reading